About Us

Welcome! We are Anna and Cathy, sisters from a family that cooks and talks about food to the point of obsession, a family who can spend an entire car journey from the South of England to Yorkshire (that’s four hours, for non UK dwellers) talking about bread making. You may think it weird, we call it perfectly normal. 

But we also know that we are unusual and that many people have lost the art of making a meal without fuss, fret or flurry. So here are the things we believe:

1. That home cooking is Better, Cheaper, and More Fun.

2. That we can all be in control of what’s on our plates. Cooking it yourself is the ONLY way to be healthy, or to lose weight, or to cut out yellow food, or only eat things beginning with ‘ph’, or… whatever you need to do.

3. Nobody peddling ‘diet’ products or ‘healthy’ snacks (or even gluten free bread) actually cares about your health. 

4. Convenience foods are only convenient to the company selling them for massive profit. And yes, that even includes the ones with the word ‘natural’ and a picture of the sun on it.Anna_Cathy3 

Most importantly, we believe the following:

Loads of things in life are simply better and more satisfying when you’ve done them yourself, from fixing a car to knitting a scarf to putting up a shelf.

The same goes for food, and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

So if you only find one thing on our blog that you’ve never made, or attempt one thing you thought you couldn’t make, we’ll be chuffed beyond measure.

Happy Eating!

Cathy and Anna xxxx

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