Spaghetti Bolognaise

People from Italy look away now, but an everyday spag bol as we think of it these days is really just a tomato ragout with added beef. If you don’t have three days to cook down a real Bolognaise, this is a great substitute. If you have some tomato sauce in the freezer you can make an after-work dinner very fast. If you don’t have a butcher nearby and you buy a 500g packet from the supermarket, the other half will be happy in the freezer in its plastic tray, just put the whole thing in a plastic bag and remember to eat within a few weeks.

For two people you’ll need to make one load of tomato ragout with the quantities HERE. You’ll also need 250g of minced beef. 

It’s not a strict recipe, so I’ve not written it out like one. Here goes:


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