Creamy Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni cheese is cheaper to make at home, and it’s tastier and better for you – like most homemade food. This recipe works out at 54p per plate

Here is the evidence, as gleaned from extensive (ahem, we didn’t have to look far) research:

  • Weight Watchers:                               £6.85 per kilo. 
  • Tesco Finest:                                       £9.00 per kilo (!I know)
  • Tesco Everyday Value:                      £2.50 per kilo
  • Life Is Jam home cooked:                  £1.29 per kilo

The only one cheaper than home cooked was in a tin, at £1.09 per kil0. So you save a few pennies per plate but I mean, wait – macaroni cheese out of a…can…? 

Buy skimmed milk and low fat cheese if you’re watching your weight. Add some cream to the sauce if you’re not. It takes half an hour maximum, from start to finish, and feeds two people. This amount makes 840g of macaroni cheese for £1.09. Which is 54p per plate.


  • 150g of macaroni or penne pasta (13p) – put it on to boil. 

Then make the white sauce/bechamel with the following quantities, using the method laid out by Catherine HERE

  • 500ml of milk (40p)
  • 4tbsp plain flour (4p)
  • 40g butter (not margarine, it’s too oily) (16p)
  • 60g cheese
  • 15g for sprinkling on the top (total cheese cost 38p)

When the sauce is done, add the cheese, letting it melt into the white sauce WITHOUT BOILING. The cheese will split and go oily if you boil it.

creamy macaroni cheese

When the sauce is done, tip the pasta in, reheat the lot (don’t boil it), put it all in a serving dish, sprinkle the extra cheese on top and stick it under the grill for a few minutes to brown a bit.

Sometimes I can’t be ars*d with the grilling bit, and the mac cheese just goes straight on my plate. I always have some tomato ‘salad’ with it,  (meaning I just slice some tomatoes directly onto my plate and put salt and pepper on them. Done). Cheese and tomato is made in heaven, as we know.

YUM!  It ‘s making me hungry just thinking about it. xx

Creamy Macaroni Cheese
  1. 150g of macaroni or penne pasta
For the sauce
  1. 500ml of milk
  2. 4tbsp plain flour
  3. 40g butter (not margarine)
  4. 60g cheese
  5. 15g for sprinkling on the top.
  1. Put the pasta on to boil for the time suggested on the packet.
  2. While it's cooking, make the sauce: melt the butter and add the flour, stir it over a medium heat for a minute, until it bubbles, start adding the cold milk slowly, whisking all the time to get rid of the lumps as it thickens. When all the milk is added and the sauce is lump-free, turn off heat and put in several grinds of pepper and a good pinch of salt. Grate in the cheese, turning the heat back on a bit to melt it, but without letting it boil.
  3. If the pasta is done before you've finished the sauce, just drain it and leave it in a colander. It'll come to no harm if it goes cold.
  4. Add in the drained pasta to the sauce, mix and put in a heatproof dish that looks about the right size. Sprinkle with extra cheese and grill it for a few minutes to brown (not an essential step). If you do grill it keep an eye on it, it can burn fast.
  1. Eat with salad - it is lush with some chopped tomatoes, and/or grated carrot. Put salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil on them and that's all you need!
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