How to Line A Cake Tin

Even if you’ve got a non-stick cake tin, I find it’s way too scary putting cake mixture in without a lining. I’ve had a cake stick before, and the sound ‘Nooooooooaaaarghhhhh’ came out of my mouth. Why risk that?

How to line a cake tin1.Draw round the base and cut out a circle. Cut a strip (or two) which are as high as the cake tin and can go all the way round. As above. Fold an inch or so over on these strips, as above.snip the edges2. Snip this border at inch or so intervals.part-lined tin3. Curl the strip or strips into the tin so they line the sides. The ends need to overlap so no bare tin is showing.

4. Put in the circle. Which will hold the edge pieces neatly.Tin lined and ready for a cake

It is now cake-ready. 

Like me, a lot of the time.WINGS



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