Roasted Red Pepper

Turn the grill on to hot, have the grill pan about 4 inches below the element. Cut the pepper in half and pull out the seeds and white bits and the stalk with your fingers. Press out the halves of pepper so they break in places and you can get them to lie flat. Put them skin side up on some tin foil. Put under the grill until they char and blacken all over like the picture above. Depending on how hot your grill is you may have to watch them so they don’t shrivel and burn completely. The whole thing will take about 5-10 mins, depending on your grill.

Slide them out from under the heat and quickly catch the corners of the tin foil and fold it in on itself to make a rough parcel. Turn it over so the ends are underneath and leave it on the counter. You’ve trapped in the heat, which will help the skin come off.  Leave for ten minutes, or loads more if you’re doing other things. 

When you’re ready to use them, open the parcel and pick/peel the skin off.

You have now made roasted red peppers like what you get charged a lot for in shops and on posh salads in restaurants.  Not the prettiest picture, but they sure do taste delicious. Slice them into strips and add them to some sliced tomatoes with some olive oil and salt and pepper for a lovely salad.

roasted peppers


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