Stock is one of those things that people get a bit intimated by, like it’s something only ‘real’ cooks understand and can be bothered to do. Neither is true really. Let’s not get too complicated about this subject, because that’s not what this blog is about. It’s about simple.

So. Here are the basic facts:

1) Yes you can make your own stock from chicken or duck or beef bones, if you want. 

2) Yes you can even make fish stock, and in fact is MUCH quicker to make than meat stock, and therefore, contrary to what you might think, will NOT stink your kitchen out.

3) BUT mostly you can just buy a powdered stock in a green tub with the name Bouillon on it, it lives in the supermarket next to the big brand-big-heavily-advertised cubes of muck. But it is far superior, easier to use as you’re not fiddling with a tiny silvery cube or a wasteful plastic sachet, and it will make all your food taste better. This is all you need to know.

And that’s the last word on stock.

Marigold Bouillon


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