Almond, Raisin and Lemon Biscotti


Howdy. So here are some very quick biscotti that turn out really impressively with minimal effort. What a great combo. Drag some people in off the street to show off to, if necessary. Serve with coffee, or hand them out with some ice-cream, and generally swank about how easy they are. 

They are veeeeehry tasty and veeeehry crunchy, and veeeehry versatile, because you can change the flavours to suit what you like. (Suggestions will follow the recipe). They freeze really well too and don’t take long to defrost. I also put less sugar in than regular recipes. No-one has ever complained they are not sweet enough. So they are, in short: A Winner.

Mine were almond, lemon, raisin and a bit of rosemary, but the rosemary was mainly to look good in the picture, as I have to fess up and say you can’t really taste it. 



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Hello!!  And what innovative, eye-catching food-porn do we place before you today?? Celebratory tap dance..

Dah dah! …It’s OATCAKESHomemade Oatcake and CheeseOk so that’s mainly a picture of cheese. But under the cheese mountain is a crunchy chilli oatcake.

So why post about something so basic? (Some would say ‘plain’ and what they really mean is boring). Well, because this humble oatcake is not boring at all, it’s exactly the kind of home cooking that Life Is Jam is about – making everyday food yourself so you can cut out the fattening, unhealthy junk that people put in packet food, and so you can enjoy it more. These little tasty crunchies are:-

Easy, tastier than shop bought, cheaper than shop bought, better for you (no palm oil or other junk, just a little bit of butter), more satisfying to eat because you made it yourself and finally, they are customisable so you can choose your own flavours.

 The below makes about 210 grams, or 27 biscuits.  Total cost 26p. 


  • 100g oats (7p)
  • 100g plain flour (7p)
  • 15g butter (definitely not marg) (6p)
  • ¼teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon baking powder (2p)
  • 85 ml water and milk mixed (4p)



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