Watermelon Salad with Feta Cheese

So, not to be like a record stuck in a groove or ‘owt, but this is very very veeeehy quick and very easy and it’s another of our ‘not-a-recipe-more-of-a-serving-suggestion’ salads.

We don’t believe in iceberg lettuce and tomatoes with no dressing. That’s not salad, that’s just assorted fibre on a plate. Yet somehow, despite all the fancy places to eat in the UK and the transition from spam and sprouts to quinoa and coulis that’s occurred in the last twenty years, lots of people still think that salad is boring and worthy. Sometimes those people come round to our house and eat a salad and go: ‘wow, how did you make this?’ and the answer is – …’er we chopped it up and put literally TWO things on it’.

And then you’ve got taste, interest, AND HEALTH.This is literally three ingredients. And if you can’t get any fresh mint, I swear that simply the watermelon and the feta is a great combo. And it makes you seem a dead adventurous cook if you serve it to friends. (Cos that’s what it’s about, right?)


Slice some watermelon. Put some feta on it. Chop some fresh mint and put it on. Add pepper (no salt) and a drizzle of olive oil. Embarrassingly, that’s…..IT.


  • Chop a few olives and add them.
  • Use basil instead of mint.
  • Slice some red onion very thinly and scatter it over. (If you’ve time, soak the onion in a mug of cold water for ten minutes – it makes it more mild).
  • Shake on some flakes of chilli.



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